In Dublin's Fair City...

Streets of St. James Gate, Dublin
Dublin (Baile Átha Cliath meaning "town of the hurdled ford”) is home to St James Gate the birthplace of Guinness, the Celtic Tiger, Trinity College, birthplace of the Irish Republic, Jameson’s Distillery, Temple Bar, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, U2, Sinead O’Connor & Colin Firth to name a few of the many things that call Dublin its “home” & being the capital of Ireland.  A modern day city that’s for sure with everything you would imagine a great city to have. It happens to be one of the few cities that you will find “strangers” randomly approaching you just to have a conversation.
I arrive here to end my journey of this magical land that I can proudly say is home to me. It’s temptation that’s for sure, but on a much smaller scale than New York City, San Francisco or Boston where you will find an increasingly huge Irish population. A small city with a big heart & it’s easily walk able to get to one end to the other should only take roughly thirty minutes.
I arrive in the city after an enjoyable trains ride on Irish Rail from Cork Kent Station to Heuston Station in Dublin. Fares can be found for roughly ten Euros if bought ahead of time on line, it’s been know that train fares can cost as much as 70 Euros if purchased at the station. Best to be plan ahead on your journey.  Deals can be found, but one must use the Internet in order to find them these days. The trains are posh compared to American standards, they have a food cart, free wifi that works, outlets & are usually on time. I had a lovely chat with an older gentleman at Kent Station in Cork this morning he kinda reminded me of my grandfather with living a life at sea & just having a random chat to get to know you. It made waiting at the station go by quickly.
View from the Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse
Let’s see there once was a side of me that wanted to soak up a lot of the history of Dublin that I have learned about during the Irish history course with the Easter Rebellion, Trinity College & the likes, but since I’m a more evolving soul, I’m just going to take it as it comes. I can’t be known to soak it up in just one visit; I don’t have a “portkey” to take me to each place & to grant my wish by a magic wand. However, there’s one place that stands out all alone or I wouldn’t be fair to say that I went all is way & didn’t take it. St. James Gate is the birthplace to the famous black stuff that Arthur Guinness made famous back in 1759. Yes, go to Dublin to get you a proper pint. However, the brewery is off limits to visitors you can find all the actions over at the Guinness Storehouse , it also happens to be Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction. Oh well, got to suck it up to experience the proper pint at the Gravity Bar with breathtaking views of Dublin. To save yourself the hassle of the queue you can buy your tickets online. It’s a self guided tour with heaps of Guinness history to check out! Well the good stuff about drinking the black stuff is that it’s full of iron! “Guinness is good for you” with many known health benefits! Well, let’s just say they know how to pour a proper pint, if not it is sent back. FYI, if you like your Guinness chilled like the American’s do; it’s not the proper way to drink it. Americans are known for drinking their beers “ice” cold & they do not do that over here. Clearly get out of your comfort zone & enjoy a proper pint like the locals do & don’t criticize the real thing! When abroad indulges like a local, it’s the best advice. 
There’s so much to do in Dublin. I found myself staying at a very posh hostel, Generator  over in Smithfield right next door to the Old Jameson's Distillery. I’m just going for a wander to see where it takes me to be honest. It’s so easy to get around & the people are very helpful! Falling deep in love with Ireland & I don’t want to go back. The love affair I have with this beautiful country started when I was a kid & is just growing deeper & deeper.

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