Leaving the Motherland

Coastline of County Clare
Leaving the motherland wasn’t as easy as you would think on a lineal line path. Ireland is my motherland more over than Poland for a lot of reasons, but you must really understand me to understand what I am saying & understand my past. I must say that I have seen my growth process over the last few days in Ireland. It was like WOW, I’m actually doing what I must do. I allowed myself to live from the soul & didn’t question the material cost of things so the monkey mind could hang onto the concept. I’ve covered a lot, there’s always a lot more to see & do. My holiday wouldn’t be complete without experience all four provinces. There wouldn’t have been completed without going to the North to experience it to the fullest. Many shades of green I experience with snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, hurricane force winds, sunshine & clouds made my wanderlust grow in ways only I understand. The adventure was calling, not what the weather forecast brought. I was blessed to see an old friend that felt like it was yesterday when we had an adventure & to experience meeting family. Yes, the Guinness does taste better & you really haven’t had one until you had gone to Ireland.
Well, leaving Dublin was a breeze actually.  I didn’t have a chance to take a shower like I usually do at The Generator cos the water got shut off in Smithfield Square, but a bottle of water was used to wash my face & brush my teeth. Must make do with what is give to you in the present moment. I took the  Dublin City Bus Airlink 747 for 6 Euros one way express service to the airport. Another great bus with wifi action, love the posh transportation there, your accommodated for communication needs! I arrived at the airport rather early & waited for two hours before I could check in at US Airways. Easy peasy honestly. After check in I found my way threw the first security then off to the VAT Refund Offices to turn in my receipts to the agent. Off to finding Guinness for breaky with some lovely smoked salmon on a salad at The Slaney is what I enjoyed. They were great to accommodate my special request cos I don’t eat eggs. I just sat & relaxed at a bar table where there were some outlets & I took the opportunity to charge my phone. I did have a cuppa from Butlers Chocolates Cafe where you get a complementary chocolate with every café drink. I even bought some chocolate bars too. So good, I love the cafes in Europe cos they are beautiful with so much fresh foods & many different varieties of so much goodness. The salads look enjoyable to eat, unlike what you would find in a regular grocery store in the States. I was finishing up my Guinness when I heard the call for my flight to proceed to US Customs.  Ireland is the only country in Europe where you can clear customs before you hit State side. When you land in the States it’s just like catching a regular domestic flight to reach your final destination.  Easy really & had to go threw the second security clearance before I just chilled out waiting for my flight. I could tell that I was in the American section of Dublin International Airport cos there are many photos of the presidents who had visited Ireland & the most famous of them being JFK! I got bumped up to the exit row, a great way to spend a transatlantic crossing by air.
I’m never happy to be back home cos the world is my home. There are so much beauty every where you turn. Just open your eyes & listen closely to what is being said to you. Go on & carpe deim before it’s too late! Yes, it’s wonderful to really discover one of your ancestor homelands, it allows you to grasp at the root where you really came from & allow for your own self growth.

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