Moved Over to Research

Cheetahs Feeding On An Impala
Adventures still continue in the bush, however, I’m now technically moved over to the research department. It’s been a wee bit of a change tho, from learning how to use the many clipboards while monitoring the wildlife to learning a new set of people with a new system. Adjusting to new people is always hard for me in any situations.  I still have my camera in hand alongside multiple clipboards plugging away here.  With my artistic side, I’m not by any means giving up being true to my art, so my camera is always with me on game drives. I feel that I do have a lot more free time tho without massive amounts of editing. I’m still making time to “dump” my photos & then importing them into Lightroom.  It’s just a habit that I developed a long time ago that has stuck with me. I don’t want to loose my photographs.
I’ve been busy with developing & creating a lesson on the Eco System for local junior high kids this week. Getting back into the grove with lesson planning after years lost, it’s kind of like riding a bike & hoping back on. With the development of more resources available online, it tends to be finding the correct information & crafting it into well presented information. I did some conservation over at the wetlands at the Thanda Base Camp, helping out with the pipeline project for a water filtration system. I basically have been playing with rocks & sand in a huge ditch. Pretty messy if you ask me, but luckily the projects are not in the blazing heat with blood, sweat & tears, but rather first thing in the morning. It’s always a load of fun on the silliness that we get up to.
A dash of silliness and positivity is the key to survival these days. Got to increase your awareness & get outside of your comfort zone. It’s all good, nothing wrong with having a wee bit of fun while working extremely hard.
Some of my highlights have actually been seeing the cheetahs at Base Camp getting feed with an impala that a few of my coworkers actually threw over the fence. I actually held the spot light during the night drive for a wee bit sweeping from side to side of the vehicle looking for wildlife during the dark. I did see some fish in the river after the rainstorm as well. The full moon was lovely to see as well.
My adventures still continue. I’ve gone a wee bit of crazy, but that is good for the soul. I’m very sad that last week will be my final week here, I may actually be crying…

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