Raising That Love Light & Keepin' It On...

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.”
~A.A. Milne

A Herd of Impala
We are all mirrors of one another. Some tend to pull the best out of us & some tend to get the worst of us, but they all teach us lessons. Adventures tend to show us what we are really missing in our daily lives. For me these days living in the bush have been rather unique. I haven’t felt this so much alive in years to be honest. I’ve been seeking to feel where I need to be for quite a bit of time, something about where I am right now just feels right. I’m allowing myself to grow in new areas. I still wake up way before the crack of dawn to tap into the energy of the “blue hour” to ground myself before chasing the light. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of you before helping others, mediation in the wee early hours is a beautiful thing. Getting center from the inside out is the way to walk the path these days & continue to dance down the rabbit hole with my own dance. Some still won’t get it & challenge it, but I’ve learnt to surf the waves much better to let it not bother me. So what, if what I do is nontraditional but that tends to be the way with the creative path with me my entire life. Trusting my intuition tends to be what I live by.
A Herd of Zebra's
As I write this, I’m thinking that if I kept to my original plans, I would have been on a flight back to the States at this time. Instead, I trusted from within to stay a wee bit longer to seek out what’s been calling me here. I don’t think that I’m ready to go back; I never really am after adventures. I’ve set foot on all seven continents and I am still not going to look at the world like I once did. Times like these makes me want to live again & grow, like a seedling blossoming into a gorgeous rose vibration so bright. I’m changing in ways that I can’t really explain to the people who just tend to walk the straight & narrow path of society. There’s a much grater need these days to trust the path that your own is the correct one. It’s all about turning that inner love light on & keeping it on. Being true to you is the most important thing in the world. It’s all about getting rid of the blockages locked in your subconscious to get you through the moment. Living by moment by moment is the key really. Some quiet time for me, myself & I are also essential. Loving doing chanting & meditations to get me to that still place. Being in nature is wonderful to reset the system.
Elephants Crossing the Road
Ah, wee bit of silliness will be getting me by. Thinking about shooting in new ways with the boundaries of the vehicle on game runs.  Of course, I’ll still be looking after my family here in the way that I tend to do. I’m grateful to have so many beautiful souls around me these days. There’s nothing wrong with helping others to reach their dreams in order for you to meet yours. I don’t know how I’m going to last this final week without getting whimpering star about saying good bye, but it has been worth the journey in every way…

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