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Tauriel:[weeps for Kili] "If this is love, I don't want it. Take it away, please! Why does it hurt so much?"
Thranduil:[sadly] "Because it was real."
~The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
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View of Cape Town with Table Mountain & Lion's Head
If I could pick one artist yesterday to be my soundtrack for the day in the life of me, it would be Moby. I had “Why does my heart feel so bad?” being played over & over again after I said my good byes at the airport.  I’m not going to lie to say that, “yeah, man, it was a piece of cake!” come on really, it was not. I’m a human being & allowing the emotions to flow is perfectly normal. No need to hide them & shield behind the night & shinning armor to say, that I’m better than you cos I don’t show the truth. It’s perfectly healthy to show it. There’s nothing wrong with showing love. Let’s just say when true, real, radiant love shines & you have to say good bye to that friend or friends it’s actually very painful. I felt my heart being ripped open to the core, but knew that I had to keep that love light on shining so bright to heal it. I did manage to make it to Cape Town with a few tears of love shinning down my face.
I found myself a fabulous backpackers, The Big Backpackers in Greenpoint. I actually found it during my predeparture planning stage of this holiday. I’m very grateful that I was able to keep the same hostel when I changed my itinerary a couple of weeks back to extend my stay. I’m very impressed with how welcoming this place is. I recall reading a fab article in some travel magazine in Mozambique about the backpackers as well. The rooms are small, but cozy with a private bathroom. There’s a great vibe at this place. It’s in a residential section of the city without the noise of the busy streets & raging nightclubs & bar, a perfect oasis after over a month in the bush.

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society-but to change yourself.”
~Nelson Mandela

Mandela's Cell on Robben Island
I’m basically seeing where my days take me while in Cape Town. The city is fabulous. I spent my day walking down to the V&A Waterfront to do some shopping. It felt strange to be back in civilization with seeing a full blown shopping center. It was very surreal.  I walked around a bit before picking up my prebooked ticket for the Robben Island Museum. I figure what better thing to do than go for a wee bit of a boat cruise to see where Nelson Mandela spent his time incarceration. I felt that I was going out to Alcatraz in a sense, but this is South Africa, so it’s not the same. The seas were a wee bit rough to reach the final destination of Robben Island, only a mere 11km from land. When I arrived on the island, I basically hopped onto a bus for a wee bit of tour of the entire island. Yes, I did see some African Penguins along the way with terns & other birds. It’s been a while since I had my penguin love. The island tour was good & I learnt about the many shipwrecks that have taken place over the years. The cool thing about my time on the island is that former inmates give the actual prison tour. It’s rad that they tell you the truth & the way that life was spent in the prison before it closed its doors in 1992. I definitely could feel Mandela’s spirit still roaming out there. It’s very remarkable to see that actual place that helped him over come many obstacles of hatred transforming him into a self loving individual & father to the new South Africa.  I returned to the mainland after an even bumpier crossing back. Honestly, it wasn’t as rough as the Drake or Baja, but I just sat there inhaling the beauty of the seas & enjoyed getting splashed on for about an hour.
It’s been a rather long day, but not as long as they usually have been. It feels strange without the dire need to wake up during the “blue hour” to meditate before chasing the light. It’s nice to see another part of this beautiful country. Embracing the dance as I continue to dance down the rabbit hole suckling the beauty of life…

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