Aid Needed For Photographers

Since my return from Africa, I have been working very hard to find funding and camera equipment for the project with Africa Impact-South Africa Conservation Project. What is needed, not only to enhance volunteer experience, but for them to have an actual, measurable impact, during their stay, is:
Photography Wish List (in order of preference)
• 1xDEDICATED CAMERA BACK (must have low light capability)
• 1xTELEPHOTO LENS (at least x500 zoom)
• 1xGPS
• LOPPERS, MACHETES, GLOVES ('togs to be responsible for their upkeep)
All photographic equipment has been requested in order to further the involvement of Photographers within the research, conservation and community depts. This will not only enhance their experience and make them feel part of the whole by contributing, but also provide valuable data for research and aid the Africa Impact contribution to the area.
Music will be used to promote photographic and other achievements through the year.
Any donations will be obviously be publicized through the The Happy Africa Foundation (THAF) website, African Impact Facebook page for the project and monthly newsletter. Significant donations also warrant exposure through, for example, an article (with direct input) discussing why the contributor felt the need to help out, also published on the THAF website.
Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to make a donation or need any further details regarding the African Impact designated charity, please visit:

 - private
. If you wish to contribute photography equipment to Africa Impact-South Africa Conservation Project please send me an email: for the appropriate forms and an address where the donation can be directly sent to. Also, English books and school supplies would be greatly appreciated for the local community development projects.

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