Spirit Rose

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
~David Bowie

Lately, I have been having conversations with creative’s alike about how all the pain, tears, sorrow, joy, loneliness, fear and anxiety shapes the creative to make him or her grow. Those are the fuel for the soul that tend to get overlook since our world today just want to see the happy image of the final result, the road to success is often forgotten.  What people tend to forget that it is ok to feel the emotions that are coming up. Believe me, it’s not pretty as apple pie, but it’s rather an endless ocean of stream of thoughts coming and going like the ebb and flow of the sea. When you are releasing and cutting old blockages/cords from your past and past lives it can rather be daunting. Some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going like a bad nightmare flashing before my eyes on the screen of my mind. Please don’t take it personally, its just part of the process of raising your vibration to a much higher level. I have images of past events creeping up as they are getting released and transform back to the earth. I could reach for a bottle of rum and end up like drinking like I was in the jungle all night, but I’m much stronger than that. Somehow with all of the suicidal and darkest of thoughts coming out of me, my guides and higher power keep on making sure that I survive the storm. It’s not pretty when your facing so much fear as you goes into the unknown.  I’m on the verge of giving birth to something and stepping into my own power at a much higher level to shine like a radiant beautiful ray of light. It’s all “hunky dory” you could say with the many phases of Ziggy Stardust going through transformations over time from a caterpillar to a butterfly repeating endless cycles of harmony. Everything is evolving as it should with the seeds that got planted along the way, some might need more watering with loving kindness towards them to grow up strong and to seek out the beauty that is unfolding.  

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