#Postcard Project...

An iPhone photo postcard I made
I was going through the NatGeo newsfeed on social media and something on it struck my eye, they are having a postcard project for 2016. As, I gear up and get ready to travel once again; I have to go through my addresses and to make sure that I have the correct and up to date ones for those love ones that I will send them to. I have a dear friend in Florida who will tell me that her fridge is covered with “Chrissy Bird’s postcards”. There’s so much joy in knowing that my friends hang onto them. Some might forget to tell me that it came, while others will thank me for it. I can’t be mad at them if they forget to tell me. But the importance of correspondence, eventho it’s an old fashion art form is still important cos it comes from the heart. There’s nothing wrong with taking five minutes maximum to write a note to that special friend or family member to tell them how wonderful they are.
Basically NatGeo is looking for:
Be a part of the #PostcardProject:
Mail us a postcard from your travels or even from your hometown for a chance to be featured in National Geographic Traveler magazine or online.
Include your name and where you live in your note, along with a short paragraph about what makes wherever you are unique. The more specific (and surprising), the better!
Finally, use hashtag #PostcardProject to spread the word or to share your postcard on Twitter and Instagram.
Send to:
National Geographic Traveler
c/o Amy Alipio
1145 17th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
I’m in on this one. I just got to come up with something witty to write and send it off to the Washington DC’s headquarters for NatGeo

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