Bringing Awareness to Social Issues

This past winter, I had the opportunity to work at The New School Maine in Kennebunk, teaching photography. I had only four kids in my group and it was a lot of fun. At the end of both semesters, I had the opportunity to be part of the feed back team for LEAP Night. I quite enjoyed it very much. Basically, you get to sit with a student and learn about everything they did during the semester. Instead of taking exams to memorize the material. They have a show what you know table and poster boards with books, photographs, papers and exhibits. Your job is to give constructive warm feedback with a conversation with the student. After the critique the students give presentations showing the community what they learnt. I was quite impressed with the Public Policy Class who put together this beautiful 20 minute documentary on the homeless of Maine. Take a moment to watch it, you'll be impressed. I love seeing kids taking a step in learning about social issues that we are facing within society. These kids did a fabulous job! They even had the courage to interview the Portland Police Department for some facts about the situation in addition to reading poetry written by the homeless. There's so much good stuff going on. Open your eyes, put down the judgement of yourself and society and really listen. We are in the era of great change right now. Please take action, stand up and find creative ways in solving the root of the issues with love not fear base energy. 

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