Messages from Picnic Rock

I took a walk to Picnic Rock, I've never been to there before. It's beautiful and no one was there. I made a short video with messages from my Soulful Seer-Soulful Deck. Enjoy watching.

There are many wonderful trails to check out at the Kennebunk Land Trust ! You never know what you will find in your own backyard. Go some place new! Get lost in nature. Remember to carry in and carry out policy of taking care of the woods. Please be respectful and pick up your trash. I was disappointed to see cigarette buts on the trail, please note that they take 30 years to decompose!  Be kind to nature and it will be kind to you back! Great trail tho!

The message from my cards that I pulled. I apologize that I couldn't turn around my iPhone camera to show them to you the correct way.

Be The Light-Be The light for others when there is no hope. Challenge others who said that you couldn't accomplish anything. I know from my own personal experience, with getting told from educators that I would not go onto college because I was dyslexic. Guess what? I did, and ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude. Learn to stand up for yourself and to put those false beliefs of others aside. You are the light to many, it's time for you to stand in your power and to shine.

Give A Hug- Give hugs out and spread the love all around. The Indian Hugging Saint Amma, gives out unconditional hugs as acts of kindness.  Give A Hug to someone, you don't know what they are facing personally, we all just want to know that we are loved!

You Are Important-Yes, you are important! It's time for you to shed those false beliefs away that no longer serve you telling you that you are not! You have a role to play here on Earth and its time for you to shine. Inspire others with your gifts and talents. It's not what you think that the world is withholding, it's what you are withholding for the world. Remember to look inwards for the answers not outward. You have a gift and please let it shine, we really need you to show up being the special person that you are for the world right now! 

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Be well!

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