It takes a person a great amount of courage to be vulnerable and say that they got a lot of anger going on, I don’t think anyone cares about me, I don’t belong in this world, I am going through a tough time, etc...unfortunately we as humans are condition to be the best of the best, always happy go lucky wind up puppet dolls whatever happen to be honest with how we really feel? When a person tells you that they are going through a tough time, instead of giving into their pain and telling them to snap out of it, Shower them with love and compassion! We need to feel a sense of belonging in this world! We need to raise our love vibration! By doing so, we help others. We all just want to feel love and supported. Make someone’s day-write a card, text them, send them a message/email, but them lunch/dinner or coffee, the ideas are endless once you tune into the heart! By telling them that you love and care! So many people wish that more love was given to them during this lifetime! 

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