O' Canadaland...

There’s something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. You may say it’s a bucket list thing. Since I grew up in Maine, some worlds are very close if we just take the step and do it. The outdoors it a fingertips with the sea and mountains but there’s another world too. I’ve been wanting to cross the border for sometime. Maybe this has came from the days of my youth skiing up at Sugarloaf and thinking it’s not too far to the Canadian Border, why don’t I just go one of these days. The thought has been there for over 20 years to be honest. I came close one day when I went to Jackman for a bridal shower or the time I decided to drive up to Rangely and Sugarloaf in the summer, but my little blue book was not with me. I have to admit that besides Mexico, I’ve crossed the border a few times by plane, by automobile, by sea, and walked across it. I think I’ve gotten it cover. 

Over the past month, I have been experience a high amount of emotions going on. Blessed to see that a few have reached out to me to show their worries and concerned and to tell me that they care. I got many friends all across the world and I do miss them terribly, the Holidays are not the easiest time for me. I recall the time I spent it in Australia, Vietnam and Honduras to name a few. During my darkest days, I was blessed to receive messages that my friends do enjoy my Social Media posts and thank me for the inspiration. I needed to hear that. Truth is we are not alone from the time we came into the world to the time we leave it. We are just spirit having a human experience that makes us forget everything that we already know from within. We are in a time of great change. Old systems are being challenge and such and we must build new ones. Walls are not the answers to our prayers to keep the demons from arising. We just have to honor the pain. I was at yoga recently and my friend who happens to be the instructor was talking about feeling the pain and allow whatever sensation to arise to be with it. Ah, yes, be with it, can’t force it, can’t deny it, can’t even take the pain away from the heart. I found this great article on Tiny Buddha talking about just being with it. 
For me, I am one who suffers from emotions and wondering if I have been truly forgotten, when I haven’t. For some reason that tends to be my biggest cry lately and I wish that portkeys were real and I could just with a moment of pulling a rabbit out of a magical hat that I could take one leap and go visit those special friends of mine all around the world. I loved reading this Huffington Post article about John Lennon’s biggest  fear https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/paul-mccartney-reveals-john-lennons-biggest-fear_us_5c2a878ce4b05c88b702e3b9 cos it shows you that he too was a human battling all this stuff that everyone else does.  Sadly, we just live in a world where we just don’t talk about it. We are supposed to be this or that, have that perfect job, the perfect romance, make x amount of money, have a face lift, etc etc etc…what the heck happen with loving ourselves first that it the hurt become our greatest joy and our gifts are brought to life by lighting up the world. 

“Your problem is you are too busy holding on to your unworthiness.”

~Ram Dass 

Well, there’s a reason for this little adventure of mine. I could spend an anniversary of a day when something that shook me to the core be lived in pain rehashing the whole episode or I can choose to do something for me? One of my biggest loves, besides playing with my cameras, is traveling. So I basically decided a few days into the New Year that I was worth it and need to go drive to Canada. Downtime, play and taking a break is good for the soul. I’ve always wanted to go explore Quebec and that is what I’m doing. Just seeing where it takes me. Wander the old cobblestone streets, soak in the beauty and not to forget the old world charm. A sense of Europe in my backyard is calling. 

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