Anger is a Teacher

"Anger, for anyone who has been silenced or made to feel insignificant, is a declaration that they actually matter. That their voice matters. That they are not to be silenced ever again. Anger in these situations is holy. Anger in the face of injustice is an act of love. It’s a statement of unifying ourselves with a stranger and saying, “I won’t let you be treated as I would not want to be treated myself.” Anger can be motivating and unifying. As the mystic William Blake relates, “The voice of honest indignation is the voice of god.”

And also, anger can devour us from the inside out. Anger can divide. It is so compelling, it can derail and distract many of us for most of our lives. And this is how I think we can best understand the destructive side of anger; it’s simply when we get overcome by it. We can live in anger, or we can act on our anger in ways that we will regret then for the rest of our lives. As with all the powers, it isn’t the power itself that’s harmful. It’s the presence of the power and the absence of the soul. It’s forgetting entirely that we are not just the ego that is subject to the power. So, even as we are more enraged than we have ever been (even if we have every right to be, and it’s healthy and normal for us to be so angry), if we forget that there’s this equally significant part of us that is calm, still water beneath it all, then we will inflict our rage onto someone else. And whether that person is undeserving of that rage or in our eyes “deserving” of it, all it does is bind us to that person and to perpetuate a cycle of rage."

~Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed  

"When we forget, when we give up on ourselves, tomorrow or next week, or when we slowly start to feel that heavy mantle of shame that isn’t ours to wear, and we allow ourselves to be treated in harmful ways, or we don’t rage against those who treat us harmfully, I want us to have this memory of what it feels like to be held. To just be in a love that has been here all along." 
~Meggan Watterson, Mary Magdalene Revealed 

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