Connecting To Yourself

"Stay Clear                                

Sometimes we don't tell other people what we're feeling. Sometimes we don't tell ourselves.

Often on this journey, provocative events happen. We may become resentful. Angry. Or frightened. Emotional energy builds up within. If we don't take the time to work it out, the emotion becomes a block. It blocks the channel to our heart; it blocks our channel to ourselves; it can block our connection to others and to God.

We may think we're being polite and appropriate by not saying what we feel. We may think that most thoughts and emotions so minor it would be a waste of time to acknowledge and express each and every one of them. It's true that some aren't worth mentioning, but many are. We need to take the time to feel and release the thought and beliefs that are important to us.

Is a relationship blocked? Are we feeling something we're unable to discuss? The feeling won't disappear. The energy of the unexpressed feeling will be present, blocking our connection until we take the time to get it out. We may not tell the other person what we're feeling, but all of us are wiser than we think. And our bodies and emotions will begin reacting to what's denied, despite what we say.

Many of us experiment with the technique of using affirmations to try to further our growth. The same principle applies. If we say we love ourselves, but we've got a chunk of self-reproach tucked down deep inside, we'll continue to act as if we dislike ourselves until we clear the other energy out.

What are you feeling? No, what are you really feeling? Ask yourself as often as you need to. Then take the time to feel and release the emotion, thought, or belief.

You've connected to yourself. You're connected to the world around you. Now, keep your connection clear."

~Melody Beattie

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