Note Cards Made With Love

I just love this image that I have created for so many reasons!! I use my yoga mat with the image every morning, wear my tank top with the image to radiate goodness, and look at my print or one of my Soulful Seer cards with the same thing on it to remind me of a few things, but most importantly to believe in myself before anything else. I have created the card for the same reason. I love to write cards, if you don't know that by now. I look for cards that speak to me actually. I love to reach out to others and to write them an inspiration message along with how I am. This card is powerful. It's great for those who are going through a difficult time who have lost faith and hope in themselves, systems and other people won't do the trick, it's all an inner game. What better way to inspire another one with the words "I Believe In Me!" on them. I can't think of a better way. Go on and write an encouraging card to a love one in need or someone who you don't know.  Shop Etsy at Shop Society 6 at

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