Got a Boat to Catch...

F it therapy! It’s the nature of the game these days...more like what I can surrender and let go of!  Escaping for the day, a ferry ride and exploring an undisclosed location! Well, I just hopped onto the private ferry to Chebeague Island in Casco Bay! I realize when I was doing my research all summer for the expedition the private ferry had better times than the Casco Bay one. Go figure! There’s a quote by the Dalai Lama that says once a year go someplace new, nature to satisfy the soul speaks to me...I deserve it! Have a beautiful day where ever you may be in to world! Be the love, be the light, be the compassion, be the New Earth! Peace and love!       

Lately, I’ve given those close to me many headaches on the stuff that I’m working through. Once you're called to go “deeper” within yourself and challenge the norm, you just have to “go down the rabbit hole” so to speak. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused people and I never have wanted anyone or myself to see the pain! The dark night of the soul as I was facing the dark side with all my thoughts and emotions going all over the place. What can I say, it hasn’t been pretty to see this side of me. I’m sure it has hurt those who do love me. It’s all part of growth of the soul and claiming your voice for you. There’s no turning back. 

Summer has been tough, been looking for work to pay my bills and be happy with the work too. I hoped for more clients for my photography business and I really didn’t get the photo shoots as I would had liked to. Did a few fairs and since I’m an artist with a message of empowering people with my Soulful Seer inspiration line, I often wonder if I’m being heard. Do you hear me is what I want to scream to people. Sorry, I’m not one that is all about the been there and print some cheesy unsoulful T-shirt for people to buy just to make a buck. Really heard! I’ve been blessed with the work that I have been given to me, people have been nice to me in the work environment (I keep on telling myself that my energy is shifting and I’m seeing the progress), grateful for the photo shoots that I have done too, don’t get me wrong I do enjoy connecting with people and showing them what I see with how beautiful they really are. My gratitude list keeps growing every day!  I’m learning to speak my truth for myself theses days as a dear friend encouraged me to do months ago. I’m grateful for this particular friend in many ways and the photo tips as well.

I’m just learning to be me. Not that me that my family wants me to be, or the people whom I may work with, or the me that society wants, but the me that is me with no strings attached! I want to feel connected with others and know what I’m saying is making a difference one way or another. I color outside of the lines and I don’t plan to color inside fitting to a false matrix with limiting beliefs! Abundance is all around. What are you grateful for today? Live your life moment by moment! Live your truth! Be in the Now! The “Be Here Now” is the new sexy for the future! Yes, we do need the Amazon and need to protect our Earth for the future! Are you doing something that is eco friendly these days? Go out and explore and find yourself in the moment! Be the love that you were born to be! Be the beautiful wonderful you! Be well! 

By the way the Chebeague Island Inn is charming and is delicious for grabbing a bite! A lovely porch to sit out on for some lunch. I found a lovely beach on the north part of the island to take a walk and found some sea glass! Goldenrod is all over the place, they say that it’s excellent for allergies and may be making a tincture out of it! Thanks to the wildflowers for giving us some wonderful tools to make natural medicine with! 

Ah, worth the explore! Got to take care of yourself, no one else will except for you! 

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