Old Programming Bye Bye...

"Throw Away Old Messages

Who told you that you were bad and wrong? Are you still letting others tell you that--after all these years?

Listen quietly. Whose voice do you hear telling you that? Is someone still putting you down, sabotaging your happiness, preventing you from living and moving in self-acceptance, joy, and love?

Inhale and breathe in love, peace, and joy. Exhale and breathe out negative energy and negative messages. Feel them loosen, disintegrate, release. Feel your soul, mind, and heart become clear. You don't have to let others take your power, rob your joy. Don't become so accustomed to living with the pain of old, negative messages that you don't notice how much they hurt.

Get rid of the old messages. Pull them out of your soul just as you would pull out barbs or knives. Pull them out one by one, then toss them away. You don't have to work around the pain from these messages any more. You don't have to figure out how to incorporate the pain into your life.

Allow yourself to heal. Find new messages that empower you with love, messages that set you free."
~Melody Beattie

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