Can You Imagine?

Just watching the sunset, thinking how we as the human species can live a much more fulfilling life. Can we do it or do we have to inject pain and suffering during these challenging times? Imagine a world where we actually created good for everyone, praise them for their accomplishments and help build communities that thrive rather than sitting around and bitching on how much the other person has for money, if we paid into Social Security and " the system" that we can get x amount back and not seeing the beauty of the moment, but can worry about if we are first off of a plane, to name a few of the things we worry about! Isn't it time to let go of what our habitual mind says and to focus on how beautiful this moment is and play it forward with the blessings to create an abundant rich life? Time to raise your own standard and fly, don't let the mundane beliefs of others get you down! Come on world wake up and take responsibility for your actions! Stop resisting and just go with the flow! Namaste

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