Some Rethinking!

Re imagine a new world! Let other thrive! Be kind to one another ✨ Please be respectful of others during this time. We all have our own battles that we are facing. Think of others, and be a greater service of others, it's not all about the "me, me, me"! The world is crying for more love to help it heal! ❤

"‪This is the time to re-imagine the world. We’re never going back to the way it was, and in many ways that’s not a bad thing.‬

Right now there are 1 billion people on this planet who live on $1.25 and less a day. Imagine a world without deep poverty.

Right now the desecration of our planet is so great as to threaten the survivability of the human race. Imagine a world in which the bio-systems of the world have been repaired.

Right now the path of war is carved through multiple continents, with immeasurable destruction and suffering in its wake. Imagine a world at peace.

Right now the human race is burdened by the weight of our own lovelessness and lack of compassion for each other. Imagine a world in which our our hearts have cracked open and we remember why we’re here."
~Marianne Williamson 

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