Feeling If You Can Contain Yourself?

"If you’re walking around feeling like you’re not sure how to contain yourself, as though something is fundamentally wrong and there’s an agitation you can’t shake, know that that’s the most natural thing in the world given the moment we’re living in. If you suspect something is gravely wrong, then you’re right. But none of that means that a miracle isn’t on the way, or that something good isn’t happening despite the bad. In A Course in Miracles, it says God has the answer to every problem the moment the problem appears. The agitation you’re feeling is the discomfort of pregnancy, the extraordinary power of new life growing inside you as you become the person you need to be to handle, along with others, the problems that collectively confront us. There is no way to overstate the significance of what’s happening now, or the critical importance of our pushing back the tide of authoritarianism that is crashing down upon us. How we do that is complicated, because we are in a multi systems breakdown that demands a multi systems approach to problem-solving. But one thing that all of us must focus on now is the election on November 3. Make sure you are registered to vote. Do not delay. Make sure everyone you know is registered. Familiarize yourself with all the voter protection efforts in your state. None of this is difficult if you do enough of a Google search. We have 100 days left, and it’s important you not wait until the end to get clear about all the details necessary to participate fully. There are and there will be shenanigans, trust me. Also make sure to show up for the congressional and/or Senatorial candidates that speak to you. In your heart, devote yourself to the repair and restoration of our democracy. No generation has been more challenged to protect it. It is threatened and we are being called. We were born for such a time as this."
~Marianne Williamson 

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