Can We Be Kind?

Seriously! You don’t t know what changes and challenges others are facing right now! Yikes, it’s scary out there! Some have hit rock bottom, feel completely forgotten about, struggling to find a new place to live, can’t have a proper family interaction due to the fear factor, etc etc etc...Buy someone coffee, buy from a local business, support photographers, buy local art, support someone who is just starting a business, send a gift card, surprise the people who you work with with something for a treat to get through the storm, help to pay a bill, send a thank you for the long overdue that you have been meaning to do it scared to tell a love one thank you for a surprise, go for a hike, call someone up for a beach or surf day, treat to lunch or dinner, the possibilities are endless! Use your loving imagination! 
Be the change. Spread kindness!✨🌎🙏

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