Full Moon Reminder

Looking out to the river on a full moon evening. Listing to the calls of the Earth's pulse crying for more love. We are more divided now more than ever. Have you noticed in your own families, the places you work at, the places you shop at, the news and media giving you mixed messages, friends, loved ones, and others around the world? We are being called to go deep into our hearts and to heal the traumas that are before us. The traumas of the past, not just our own past, but past lives and ancestral traumas. We must heal our ancestors wounds that we are carrying around and are not allowing us to thrive in ways we would like to. Generations of hurts, anger, and prejudices are passed down to us in the womb, we do have a choice to say no more. The power lies in the now to make healthy choices for ourselves first. We must love ourselves so we can be of greater service to the Earth. Let the power of Love heal the wounds of the Earth! 

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