Inspiration comes in many ways. Some days it comes from looking at my friends photos, especially those who are professional photographers for a wee bit on a new idea for an adventure. Honestly, I miss the world, looking at so many beautiful animals and places that are out there to explore. Oh yes, if you pause for a second and take a few deep breaths to center yourself, you can find the stillness and peace of the moment. That is what I found while I went up to Gray for the Maine Wildlife Park. Apparently, the park has been there off of Route 26, yet I never made an attempt to go there. It didn't jog a memory since it's been years since I've been up that way. I did find a moose or two and some other beautiful animals. Pro tip, it's a wee bit challenging to capture the photo with the fence that the animals are inclosed in. It's very important for the fence, yet challenging for a photographer. I found on the park website that there is a photographer pass, however with COVID-19, they were not offering it at the moment. Food for thought for a future adventure. Just be respectful with the animals and don't provote them by attempting to touch them, this place is no petting zoo.

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