70's Style Kodak Moments

Getting ready to go snorkeling
Snorkeling threw the two big amazing cliffs at Leon Dormido
I acquired an Kodak disposable camera from Babara in the Galapagos with good old Kodak 35mm film in it. It was very sweet of her to thank me for being so helpful on all those photography walks.  Funny, thing was that I didn't have time to get it develop in my travels I did see some places in Cusco to develop film, I went on a wild goose chase yesterday looking for a place to develop film cos everything is basically digital in the States & I still don't know how to use a darkroom, only my Adobe products on my Mac. Apparently, I just missed the one week send out service from Walmart, where you do have to get prints with the CD.  Then I made it to CVS where they more than happy to accommodate me & actually allowed me to get only the CD not the prints for less than $5, sold. I picked up my CD this morning & went threw my photos, like I usually do.  I noticed that when shooting with film it now reminds me of something out of the 70s cos the photos are not as sharp as anything over 10 mega pixels. Also, I'm not too big of a fan shooting with disposable camera cos they don't allow you to be creative with them.  It's hard with the underwater ones to get that shot you want. I did my best of what I had. It was something else snorkeling with a camera too & being in a wetsuit without a weigh belt left me too buoyant at the surface to dive down & get closer, yest get closer, but not endangering the animals. Some days I wish I had a housing for my camera or one of those "aim & create" cameras around my wrist, but for some reason while snorkeling & diving I just enjoy being in the moment.

A Giant Sea Turtle

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