All In One Time Zone

Surfers on the Beach in Lima
My day begun at 3AM where I got ready & left the city of Lima bright & early.  There was no traffic on the road & ended up getting to the airport at 4AM.  One of the first people in the queue for my American Airlines flight to Miami.  The taxi ride was quick & pain less, Coldplay "Clocks" was on the radio as well as Salt n Pepper's "Let Talk About Sex" & Dire Straits "Sultan Swing", let's just say that Peruvian radio is something else with the mix of music both pop & rap. They got music at every hour & it's combination of American, European & Latin...  I ended up with an upgrade to the Emergency Row on both of my flights. Breakfast again at the airport was going to the Cafe Brit shop & tasting all the coffee cover chocolates & nuts, yum. I noticed that some said Product of  Costa Rica on them at about 5 AM & of course I sampled the coffee as well.  I gave up trying to find breaky cos all the empanadas were filled with meat, no cheese ones were found & airport prices were crazy.  I boarded my flight to Miami, but again like the previous week on a domestic flight out of Lima I had to watch what was going on cos they don't announce your flight.  Basically at 6:45AM I got in queue behind my section & waited patiently until it was time for board. While I was waiting I saw the Captain board the plane with a longboard (as in a skateboard) & knew this would be rather a laid back flight, which it was indeed.  Of course when you disembarking to the States you have to show your passport & boarding pass to the person checking ID's before you get your bag search then it's to the actual ticket agent to scan you in for your flight. Of course, nothing is simple going to States cos some of your freedoms are gone, just gone, they are more worried about safety & making money, not making sure the customer is happy & serving them well.  Well about 5 hours later I made it Miami & had to walk about a mile or so to immigration & customs. They made a few changes since the last time I went threw about eight months ago.  I mean some people from the train the other day coming back from Machu Picchu (which was a crazy night of traveling due to the trains being delaying from an avalanche) that I got chatting with while clearing immigrations.  Funny, bumping into people again while traveling. You never know who you are going to meet some days.  Well, let's just say as I went threw customs, the agent told me that I wasn't dressed for Maine weather & I explained that I had my sneakers & long sleeves shirts in my bag.  Well, finding the TSA checkpoint was crazy again cos with the refit at Miami they changed it & ended up going threw next to the American Airlines ticket counter, it was craziness learning the new way.  Again, I bumped into some Ecuadorians that I mean while I started my adventure three weeks ago from Miami for Guayaquil. They flagged me down to say hello before they left to board for their flight to LA.  Busy bumping into people from my travels. I like to say that I was in Miami for lunch today cos I keep on getting Cuban food every time I'm there. Anywho, I made it back to Boston after another short flight that I sleep a wee bit for.  I chatted with some nice people next to me. Before I knew it I was in the cold again.  I got off the plane frantic over the cold & one of the airport personal said "Welcome to Boston" to me.  It was 32F/0C out.  I mean it was cold. Like fifty degrees colder than what I'm used to lately.  My uncle picked me up from the airport & had quite the car ride back home to Maine.  Of course a stop at Kowloon's Kowloons was made for dinner.  It tends to be one of the normal stops for me to end up at that restaurant after my flights, if I'm stopping on Route 1 in Saugus. Kinda like a family traditional you would say.  Overall I made it back to Maine & I'm ready for a long siesta.  I've seen both the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans, flew across the Equator from the Rainy Season to Winter, been in three major cities, gone threw customs & immigration twice, eaten Cuban & Thai food, etc all in once day, but let's not forget all in one time zone.  It has been a very busy one with not much rest & now I must find it. Of course, my adventures won't make sense to some, but I got to take it with a grain of salt & let it brush off the old shoulder. I can't make people understand, you just got to get out & do it really understand.  Traveling is beautiful, just let yourself go & find peace with the higher source as your source of guideness & you'll have fun.  Having a night cap & of to bed, I must go before I write on some random tangent right about now...Peace!

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