Off to the Cantina

I found myself meeting some friends last night at Pedros Mexican Restaurant in Lower Village, it's also owned by Pier 77/The Ramp in Cape Porpoise, Maine. Funny, for a February night in Kennebunkport, the place was hopping, it was a full house. I thought that the town would be a ghost town, like it usual is in years past.  I really enjoyed the decor cos it reminded me of being back in Baja in a way. Real authentic Mexican art.  They serve up some fish taco's that aren't too bad. The curros are good for desert as well! I really enjoyed the menu being in Spanish cos it brings an real vibe to the place & it felt like home in  away just coming from South America.  The real prize of the place to go for "happy hour" for the $5 margaritas.  They are too good to be true!

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