I have to admit that Maine winters don’t really do it for me anymore. There’s a cold vibe threw the air from one who has just traveled & seen more of the world than most people would take advantage of. It’s really sad that some people in Maine don’t even leave the State & call going to Boston a big adventure. The world is meant for exploration, not reverting back to the Puritan times. Not to forget my own family who I can’t really explain my adventures to in detail cos they just don’t get it cos they never would do such a thing. Yes, I’m the adventures soul who lust for love craves an adventure far away with many layers to it. Funny seeing a strong daylight & thinking that it will be warm out, let me get those “flip flops” on, but it isn’t, a fleece & beanie will have to do. Oh & of course the "sunnies" are on cos I don't want to "blinded by the light".  I can’t tell what the weather is doing lately cos one day it will be very warm & the next it will be freezing, I mean freezing, cold to the bone. There once was a time where I would "camp" in my aparto with my down North Face sleeping bag in Matuse during the winters to save on heating cost & enjoy sitting under the kotatsu that was all part of the adventure. There’s not much activity going on right now & been hibernating for the past week. "Baby it's cold outside". 
I’ve been busy getting rest, watching Chopped on Food TV, listing to my iTunes library, getting movies at the library, cooking, catching up with old friends & of course going threw my photos.  If I didn’t have my photos to keep me happy then I don’t know what I would do.  I’ve noticed that my work has greatly improved; I had a friend tell me, that from Hong Kong the other night, which made my day. It’s all about putting you out there & taking the advantage of the moment before it’s lost. Work the angel you want to tell that sexy story. Memory is cheap when you shoot digital. I can’t believe it that I’ve actually be to Machu Picchu, walked twenty blocks in Miraflores to see the South Pacific with surfers catching those breaks, snorkel again in the Galapagos seeing sharks & the beautiful sea turtles, actually having the moment to photograph tortoises in the wild up in the highlands of Santa Cruz & learn how to cook some traditional Peruvian food to say some of my memories from my latest adventure. I really don’t think anything I’ve just accomplish has really set in cos I’m in the blog mode lately.  I guess it’s another day looking at my Lightroom gallery & working on narrowing down my portfolio for my website with numerous cuppas of mate.  I have to admit my blog gets more views than my website. Don’t forget to check out my website: http://www.christineanuszewskiphotography.com/. 

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