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Belly Dancers
Yoshi & Chie Playing Their Instruments
I've had another very busy day in Toronto considering it was my last full day of my min-break of a long weekend to go to the land up north.  I meant another old friend from Japan for lunch today & had the pleasure of eating some very yummy dim sum's, I haven't eaten them since Hong Kong to be honest.  I loved the fact that we went to a traditional restaurant where the ladies push carts around asking you which ones you want to eat. Got to love Chinatown with all it's good eats.  After lunch we venture over to Kensington Market to find some really cool stuff for the last Sunday of the month festival.  There was an excellent vibe in the air with the beats of music & people enjoying themselves to get out & be social.  We stumbled across a fusion belly dancing performance right in front of the house that blows bubbles where some performers were dancing to the White Stripes & Guns 'n Roses. There was a DJ set on top of a storefront playing house & rap music. Also we meant Chie & Yoshi who play the didgeridoo & has an awesome sound to their music.  You can check out there stuff at:  I loved listing to their beats.  Also earlier in the morning while I was walking around the market I meant another Japanese couple who were selling Takoyaki, but told me "the Canada way is with cheese & vegetables" a fusion style of the the traditional octopus dumplings. There was also a big game of Scrabble being played on the streets & not to forget the car with sunflowers growing from it too. The sun was scorching hot but the energy was real at the market today.  It's been a very fun day hanging out with old friends from my Japan days.  I highly recommend checking out Kensington Market any day, but when there's a festival going on with live music it's definitely a must!
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