LaConte Ice Field

Today I did something that I’ve never done before in all of my three contracts for working for Lindblad Expeditions. I ended up taking a Zodiac cruise threw the LaConte Glacier’s ice field.  It was amazing to get out in a Zodiac for the last time before I make my way back to the “Lower 48” cos just breathing the fresh Alaskan air while you cruise along the water in one is something else. I went out in a Zodiac in a guest cruise with Gretchen as the staff/Captain of the Zodiac to admire the beautiful ice.  The icebergs were amazing cos each & every one of them has their own personalities & you see something new in the ice.  Funny to think that the ice is older than I am with going back a couple hundred years since it is frozen in time on the glacier which is about ten miles from where the boat was anchored. The icebergs pick up every shade of color in the color spectrum except for blue & blue is the one that you see the most. I saw some icebergs that reminded me of a whale’s fluke, heart & turtle out there.  Surprising that it has been a rather warm overcast day, which was quite nice of a surprise. I was lucky enough to help Gretchen pick up an iceberg & put it in the Zodiac for the guest to see & touch the ancient ice.  Overall, a lovely morning!

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