Into the Woods I Go...

Gretchen Holding a Bear Skull
Wildflowers In the Meadow
These are the days to go explore uncharted territory in the middle part of Kelp Bay located in Admiralty Island.  I went exploring on a guest hike with my friend Kathy, Sue the Expedition Leader & Gretchen as the Naturalist.  It was a lot of fun.  A beautiful warm Alaskan summer day not sunny, but a wee bit overcast was the conditions.  It’s beautiful to be amongst nature into the forest without any clear paved man made paths crossing fallen down trees, climbing up cliffs & walking in the meadow.  This is the “real” Alaskan adventure you seek in these parts where the perk is the wildlife viewing of a couple of bears in the distance on the shore across the river from the meadow I was standing on, another couple of them in the snow of a mountain with waterfalls & not to forget the ones out in the distance upstream. Bear viewing was at its prime today, however a 200 mm lens didn’t capture the shot, oh well I enjoyed just watching instead. Beauty awaits every corner of the expedition.  We stumbled across a few skeletons of birds & a bear. The wildflowers were amazing today too.  I enjoyed capturing them threw the lens. I enjoyed my time on shore to rejuvenate my spirits as my Alaskan adventure is winding down.  It was nice to escape the crazy world of the boat & to be at peace with nature for a couple of hours listing to silence of the land inhaling the beautiful aromas of the forest, wildflowers & meadows.  It was a beautiful afternoon for sure!

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