Well, one of my favorite places in Seattle is Pike's Place Market. I've been drawn to markets since I was a kid to be quite honest.  I always find something with the "farm fresh" food there that speaks my own language.  Maybe it has something to do with going to Haymarket so many times as a kid in Boston.  I had a craving the other day for apples from Washington State, like I got the time I went to Vancouver, Canada like four years ago, but apples were not in season at this time for the summer.  If they had them they would be covered with wax from like a year ago.  I did get carry away going from the different stalls/shops checking out the fresh produce & not to forget to sample truffle oil from Italy. I could have bought out the entire stock of all the spices, herbs, oils & all the other culinary delights that I sampled. Oh, don't I enjoy cooking at times...The market does remind me of all the things that I loved about the markets in Melbourne when I lived there. There's something about the Pacific Northwest that reminds me of all the things that I loved about certain places from my travels & what I have learned from them, especially the markets & going to cellar door.


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