Once again, I saw the most AMAZING, BLISSFUL, WONDERFUL, AMAZING & HEART CENTER VIBRANT LIFE FEELING that a humpback whale can do, bubblenet feeding. I was very excited to see it, just as excited as when I kissed a gray whale in Baja back in March of this year. It's my most favorite humpback whale behavior.  Humpbacks are solitary & spend there life traveling the ocean "alone" for their entire life's.  Bubblenet feeding is a behavior only found in Southeast Alaska where a group of humpbacks are swimming together, known as a gam, & a female in the group is the "whistle blower" where she makes a whale song calling the whales together to blow bubbles underwater.  The bubbles then form a net where the whales trap the herring & do a huge lunge feed in the cooperating feeding.  It's AWESOME to watch cos it only happen during a "small" window of time during each summer when the humpbacks are traveling around Southeast feeding themselves nonstop & getting ready for the winter by supplying themselves with more food.  This morning I got to see it not too far from Tenakee, a small village that is famous for its hot springs. A beautiful blissful morning! WHALES I LOVE YOU!

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