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Well, to be honest, I haven't been out to eat much since I've been back to Maine. Well, I did get Thai food from Mekong Thai a couple of times, no lie. With all my craving for eating takoyaki by the 100 Volt Store in Matuse, to a proper pie in Australia, from having a dear friend of mine who's a Chef de Cusine in Longboat Key to cook for me, to the best cevichie in the world in Lima, from having a beautiful falafel pita in Toronto at Kensington Market & to the endless possibilities of the places that I've traveled to. Dinner tonight at Stripers wasn't too bad.  I sat at the bar with my mom admiring the sunset at the Breakwater, which was superb. The bar menu there is actually very good. There is a lot to choose from & everything is fresh to order.  Yes, growing up in Maine, I can't really go out to eat without ordering the seafood. However, the cevichie was quite tasty, it didn't compare to the ones that I got in Milaflores, Lima at Punto Azul that could easily serve four people. Don't get me wrong, it was very good for Maine standards tho.  The Dutch style french fries were quite tasty with the homemade truffle tomato sauce. Anything with truffles in it, I'm in heaven with.  Overall, I would recommend Stripes for a lovely dinner at the bar to enjoy watching the sunset over the Breakwater.  A good find in Kennebunkport indeed!

"French Fries"

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