Messages at the Beach

Beauty awaits us at the beach. It's best to go looking for it away from the crowds, but in the places that are peaceful. The river has many gifts and to look at the hermit crabs can be quite remarkable. I remember one day with a family friend's grandson looking at them and really paying attention to the variety of colors with the shells. Relationships come to mind when you look at the crabs. They are very social and love to be around other people. Perhaps, it's a reminder that you too need to be around others of your own kind! It's pure luck when you find sand dollars just floating in the river or in the surf of the ways waiting for you to pick them up. It was almost they were meant for you to find. Sand dollars remind you to look at the Earth's being as a whole. As a whole the Earth is going threw many changes right now. Yes, climate change is real, open you eyes to our crazy weather patterns for the last several years. It was like 90F/40C back at Easter. Hello, we are going threw many shifts. The sand dollar can remind you to look at these shifts with allowing grace into a new dimension. Stop the inner resistance and resorting to the old patters, those patterns of the world that scarcity and negativity had to rule. Go forth with abundance, love and kindness! You have the power to change the world and it comes from your thoughts and for you to create loving kindness in your heart! Really, the world is longing for heart center loving kindness to take effect, and YES, it must start with yourselves first rather than wishing that everyone else will do it for you. We can learn a lot from others and other cultures that is too. Take the time to really look at things and use your discernment on what is right or not right. It's time to let go of the weight that is holding you back. It's ok to say good bye to friends and work colleagues who hold you back. It's time to allow the forces of Nature to work threw you not against you. Go with the flow. Stop struggling as if you were up shits creek and allow it naturally flow threw you. Watch the waves, everything goes in cycles. When it's bad, it's time to really pay attention to the voice in your head on what your saying cos your thoughts become things. We do have the power to manifest everything we want, and we also need to practice letting go and forgiveness at a much higher standards. The beach is an amazing teacher. Look for the messages with the things. Stillness can be found and listen to your Higher Self once you gain that clarity from the stillness.

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