Conversation about Faith

The other day, on a beautiful summer like day, I found my way to the beach to take a walk listing to the waves crashing and having a conversation with a friend on on his porch. I found the conversation more to be about life and to enjoy it actually, by being in the moment. Of course we got side track on exploring the world and seeing things that most wouldn't necessarily do or take that leap of faith to go do it. Travels in Asia came up, like a Paul Theroux book about the places where I've been. Of course, I was saying that I wanted to see more of Asia with what I know know about what I know through the lens. Travels in China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan and Vietnam were the topic. Funny, we both associated Japan with death in a way and doing things that we enjoy doing when no one else would understand it to be in the moment.  I mentioned that I was in the South of Vietnam one Christmas holiday break when I was teaching in Japan to go volunteer and to see the beautiful land. Somehow, my friend and myself got chatting about Saigon, especially how crazy the traffic is over there. I've never seen so many motorbikes in one city. I was telling this friend about my experience to get to the big market, that I literally had to step into the traffic to make it across the round about to the other side. Then my friend was telling me that is a perfect example of faith, by stepping out into the traffic and believing that you'll make it across. I needed to hear that message the other day, since I need to continue to believe in myself to catch my dreams before they slip away. Believe in yourself that your going to make it and you'll!

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