Quack, Quack, Quack...

An early morning stroll threw the park. Besides the squirrels, there was an abundance of ducks. Quack, quack, quack reminding me to be present. Enjoy the the moment for it's the present moment that all of our true power exists and to remember to go with the flow! "
As you awaken to the truths summoned by your questions and the reasons you chose this lifetime, you’ll move on to new and presently unimaginable heights of peace, fulfillment, and joy. You are ultimately destined to discover your power and accept its responsibilities, but how and when you achieve these, in this incarnation or the future, is what makes each lifetime the greatest adventure of all. Similarly, the deciding factor in whether or not you and your civilization will succeed this time is the rate at which you choose to open your hearts and minds to embrace your spiritual nature. In the meantime, every day you’re pushed on to greatness, inclined to succeed, on a conscious planet, with inner default settings of abundance, health, happiness, and the ability to manifest whatever your heart may ever desire."~Mike Dooley

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