Embracing Your True Self

It's all about embracing who we are meant to be! Let's cherish who we are under all those layers! "Honor Yourself Honor and respect yourself and all of the dreams you were born with. These aren’t yours accidentally, but are gifts from your higher self. They’re part of the very reasons you chose to be alive now—to make them come true. Your dreams are yours to remind you of what you’re truly capable of doing, and the joy you’ll find as you move toward them, into adventures of both love and hard lessons, will make you a light unto humanity. Love All You can’t properly honor yourself without automatically considering others. If those in your life are hurt or unhappy, how happy and free can you be? Love others, not only through empathy, and not only because they too are of God, but because you love yourself and their happiness will help lead to yours. You’re getting this now. You are who God most wanted to be, here and now." ~Mike Dooley

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