Live Free or Die...

Nubble Light House
Lunch at The Beach Plum
Brilliant Coffee Shop in Downtown Portsmouth
Downtown Portsmouth
Live Free or Die…New Hampshire might have this right with the State’s Motto. For a liquid sunshine type of a day, I did decide to get up early & do a few things before meeting a dear old friend for lunch. I decided to take off & drive while listing to “lunch on the River”, 92.5 The River Boston’s own Independent radio station, for a wee bit of exploration down US Route 1 or the Coastal Route of Southern Maine. I took a few wrong turns in York before I actually found Nubble Light House . Nubble Light is one of Maine’s oldest lighthouses & one of the last eight lights in Maine to still have its Fresnel lens. It’s been a couple of years since I actually have been there to photograph. I didn’t have that much time cos I was meeting an old friend in Portsmouth of lunch. I ended up having lunch at The Beach Plum located on US Route 1 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Word to the wise if your looking for a very clean place to get fried clams & seafood, then this is place to go. It actually reminded me of being back at Shake Shack in Brooklyn or Kelly's Roast Beef on  US Route 1 in Saugus, MA for some reason. The restaurant has won some awards with the Best of New Hampshire 2013, NECN’s “TV Dinner”, The Phantom Gourmet & Best Taste of the Seacoast 2013.  When your having fun with friends, some times the restaurant of choice doesn’t matter one bit, it’s more about the adventure & catching up with a friend. I will admit that the seafood lover that I am, I was able to get grilled items,  a grilled scallop roll rather than the fried one they offer. They do accommodate special request & they were happy to do it.  After lunch, I ended up taking US Route 1 back to Portsmouth to take a stroll & to walk around the charming city.  It’s quite the small charming colonial New England city with so much soul. There are great galleries, shops & restaurants.  One really has to spend some time to soak it all up. There’s a great free spirit liberal artsy vibe to the city, I was at home for sure. I did find a lovely stone/shell shop on one of the corner streets near the post office. I love the fact that the old buildings have so much charm to them. Portsmouth is famous for Strawbery Banke.  I opted not to go check out the colonial houses that is a National Historical Landmark from the early settlers time, the last time I went was for a field trip in Primary School. There’s so much heart to this city. I did find a sweet find, for all of you Trader Joe’s fans, there is now one on Gosling Road in Portsmouth, right in the Crossing at Fox Run.  Overall, I had a little adventure for sure escaping Maine for a bit. Just a travel note when your coming north or south threw the Kittery Toll Booth the toll for passenger cars is now $3.00USD. Wells let's say that I went from live free or die to the way life should be today...

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