Happy Halloween

Haunted Windows, Summer Street, Kennebunk Maine
Happy Halloween! It's that spooky time of the year with spirits coming & goings. Yes, all of New England is thrilled about the big win. The curse has been broken & the power of love helped to overcome it to achieve victory. I can't help but thinking about all of the cool "ledges" that there are around this time of year! I recall as a kid, that teachers placed a big emphasis on them in elementary school during this time. That's including not to forget a school field trip in 5th Grade to Salem to check out The Salem Witch Museum & The House of the Seven Gables.  A lot of people just think that during Halloween is when the spirits come out in play. I would like you to revisit that thought. As energy workers we are, we can actually feel them, it just depends on how "open" you are to the experience. I'm sure during the year you can make a holiday out of visiting the spookiest places out there in the country. There's some great lists out there, check out: Legends History Five Haunted US Hotels, The 25 Spookiest Places & Scariest Halloween Attractions. Go on & listen to your that inner voice of yours calling you there. Happy Spirits Day!

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