Turn Your Love Light On & Keep it On...

Sunset at Colony Hotel
Ah, keep your love light on & keep it on. There must be some great truth into this…over the last several months I have been seriously working on myself on all levels. I have learned the art of letting go. Really digging into it. Learning new tools to help my over sensitive self on this journey that I am on. I’m grateful that I have started to take the time to work on myself from within. I have changed my diet to go gluten & dairy free, I have notice that gluten is the biggest target. Funny thing is that I can feel it inside of me. I notice that somehow I absorbed some crazy negative energy that by body doesn’t need. I’m pretty aware of the warning signs by listing to my own body. Tune into what the body is telling you are a way to seriously help yourself. I’m slowly reading a great book right now, “When the Body Says No-Exploring The Stress-Disease Connection” by Gabor Mate, M.D. It’s amazing on the information that is out there. Yes, there is so much truth into how much stress we take on & it all started when we were back in womb. Kundalini research shows that our mothers have projected their stress levels onto us at a very early stage. Hopefully with this new tool of Kundalini, I can move these stale prana blockages & manifest it into something wonderful.  I’m just paying attention & trust my gut on what I’m feeling. Put up my own defense mechanics to control my own energy. Do a daily chakra clearing & visualize myself in a pyramid that shields myself from the negativity.
I will admit that I have reached burned out mode right now. A huge part of it is due to working like crazy. I have this aura of helpfulness & people come to me left to right to help them out. I’m gifted with it, but I just feel that I have my energy sucked out of me. I will have to take some time for myself & to restore my own energy. I got to continue to raise my vibrations, send me good vibrations.
“Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
A happenin with her
Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
A happenin with her
Gotta keep those lovin good vibrations
A happenin”
Got to love those Beach Boy lyrics. Yes, send me good vibrations. I have to quiet the mind with some serious mediation to raise them & to increase the power of love. Love is the higher light, love the higher light, go within & listen for guidance. Go seek what’s calling me in this universe. Go on girl get it, get it…
I must be doing something right with all this inner work. The other night when my iPhone dropped in the toilet, I didn’t flip out like I would used to react. I was calm. I suck my hand in the toilet of the bathroom of my house to retrieve it. Next thing I know I was looking for the rice to make a rice bag & put my phone in it. Thanks to my friend Linda, (one of the photo instructors from Lindblad Expeditions) who taught me this useful tip. Funny thing was that I somehow knew that everything would be ok. I was able to press the home key & saw my polar bear photo that my friend CT (another one of the photo instructors from Lindblad Expeditions) sent me this summer. I set this image to remind me of my friends CT’s beautiful light that she offers the world. I was relieved to see that my phone was working. I found that I was able to get in & the first thing I knew to do was to backup my photos from my Shutterfly App. I took some amazing photos of the sunset that evening & had some fun editing them with Instagram. I knew that I was safe doing that. I was happy to see it working. I was able to get a charge too, but it wasn’t working just quite right. The next morning I had a feeling to go to Apple in the Maine Mall to have them check out my phone, since it was covered with Apple Care. The last time I was in Apple was when my Mac Book Pro basically “shit the bed & died on me” last fall. I lost a new laptop cos my energy was so congested. I was in a very dark state & not even my born into family could really understand what was going on. Apple Care did come in handy with the situation then & knew that it would work with my phone. Funny, I got to Apple & made an appointment. I basically had no waiting time & the technician was more than happy to help me out. I was impressed with how helpful they were there. Funny thing was that with the entire test they did, they said nothing was wrong with my phone. They didn’t see any evidence of water damage. They just had to clean out where the lighting bolt charger went it. I was thinking to myself that my inner work must have been really working. I was thinking back to the state that I was in last fall & it was dark, but this fall I must be really taking this under my wing, owing it, surrender & let love in to get me where I am. I got to trust the unknown & know that something great is out there for me. The technician told me that I was lucky.
Well to clear my aura lately, I have found myself burning items that no longer serve me. I find that my list of items have been very intense, let’s just say that there is a lot of things from my past holding me back. I will admit with how the moon energy is this week tied into my burn out mode that I’m not grounded like I would hope to be. I’m surrounded by some old New England energies too & with the set in with fall I can feel them even more. I found myself balling my eyes out, like a floodgate at the Wailing Wall, to a Beatles song while driving.  I found a new meaning in the particular song that reminded me of an old dear friend of mine. Later that evening on my return from a class that I’m taking I found myself doing the same thing to Fake Plastic Trees & started singing to the acoustic version. Well at that point I knew that I have tears of love coming out of me, like I knew from earlier. However, the Radiohead song just reminded me of a sing along at a crazy party in Kawamoto one evening many moons ago in Japan. It reminded me of the people who I was with & how grateful that I was to have found them. Of course this particular dear old friend of mine from earlier was there & I just found myself in a state of love.
This morning I was reading the lasted blog from The Daily Love that was talking about green juice & going gluten free. The message in the blog was to learn the art of self love to get over the forks in the road to continue to sail smooth again. Yes, that’s what I’m doing lately, owning it & learning the art of self love. Go on & let it grow.
The Affirmations for today are wonderful!

My Focus in on my Loving.
It’s as important for me to live with an open heart today as it is for me to be gluten free.
It’s as important for me to be loving today as it is to not eat food I’m allergic to.

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