The Way of The Shogun...

Boston's North End
Hmmm…I fell like people not on the path will just question me cos they don’t get what really is. I’m on a path to get rid of the old lately. breaking habits that once were my defense mechanisms that once at a time protected me. Some might think I’m too extreme for doing so, but so what. Let it brush off my shoulders. I could care less. Sorry that I’m neither a perfectionist nor someone who wants to take a pill or substance to make me happy cos it won’t work. Nope not one bit to make me happy. Happiness is an inside job. So what if incense makes me happy, there’s something calming about the smell that my soul just speaks to me with happiness.  It’s more about me being in the driving seat not what someone else wants me to do to make them happy. Happiness is an inside job. So what if you don’t get me, it’s just me working on me. It’s an inside job. Honestly, I’ve neglected this side of me for quite a bit of time. I can’t make others happy when it has to come from me. It has to come from my own inside, what my soul quenches to make me thrive & to say yes, I do love me. It’s all about being happy on my own terms.
This morning I caught the first train out to Boston, wearing a very Japanesey dress-I got style what can I say.  I was on my way to the Consulate of Japan actually to help with a JET Programme recruitment event at Boston University. Originally I was going to wear my "Superstars" jersey, but the dress was calling me. Hmmm...who knows what I'll share about my time in Matsue! Off to inspire people with my pack full of trick…
A Boston Street Overlooking the Finical District
I found myself arriving in North Station at around 8 AM. Ah, it was busy at that hour with all of the commuters from the surroundings suburbs arriving for the business day. I stumbled into the Equal Exchange Cafe just around the corner from the exit of the station. Funny thing is that I was kind of eying it the last time I got off the train back in August. They do offer gluten free & vegan items, oh yes! Yum! I was safe with my food option.  I had a wee bit of time to kill before I ended up at the Federal Reserve Bank to meet the JET Programme Director for the Boston office, Susan Gill, at 9:30ish. I took a stroll over to the North End to look for a Bank of America ATM. I asked my sister via text message for the closest one was to the Boston Garden & she gave me the wrong street, Salem rather than Hanover Street. No worries at all. I asked some nice Boston Police Officers for directions & they referred me over to Hanover Street. Well, I found the bank ok, easy peasy, really it was just a little bit south of Mike’s Pastry, but I had quite the episode at the ATM though. Good thing that I am in an English speaking country, the last time I had a wee bit of an issue at the ATM was in Japan where I accidentally pulled the emergency button when I was wiring my travel agent in Tokyo a deposit for one of my holidays. I just laughed when I did that. Well, this morning, I had a feeling that something wasn’t right with the ATM I used.  I kept on depositing my cash in & it spit it back to me for a few times. However, on my third try, I got an era message saying that the ATM was unable to process my cash, please type in the amount you deposited & call customer service. Well, I will admit that when I called customer service I was quite impressed with the agent I spoke to cos he experienced the same thing that I did & said he was more than happy to sort myself out. I was relived & impressed with how compassionate the customer service agent was. I will admit that acts of kindness do go a long way. I was even more impressed on how well I personally handled the situation. Years ago, I would be a huge mess & just beat myself up over it, but today I just didn’t do it. I guess the “new tools” that I have learned lately really came into play. I just let it roll off my shoulder, it will all work it self out. The universe acts in mysterious ways.
Boston Harbor Hotel
I finally made my way back to the Federal Reserve Building. The last time that I was there I had my JET Programme interview about 8 years ago.  I meant Susan who I spent the day with over at Boston University to attend the career fair.  Honestly, I couldn’t have said yes or even wanted to talk about my life changing experience in Japan when I got home. I went to the dark side of the soul & shut off completely with negativity all around me. I went to Japan to make a difference & to change the world. What I didn’t know was how hard it was going to be & when you life falls apart on many layers, it was devastating. Also, on what I learned about myself too while I was there. I’m a very highly creative person who learns outside of the box. What can I say, I was a kid who had multiple learning problems & grew up with the local school district attaching such a harsh label onto me as “special needs, learning disable & speech impediment” was quite the challenge.  That’s why I have a strong dislike for labels & embrace anybody who I meet who I can sense is creative  & want to change the world. My parents did the best that they could to help me overcome my obstacles & to make sure that I was success.  Just recently, I have found the courage to talk about this. I guess that my “inner work” is really paying off right now. I always knew that I had a wanderlust soul & had an unique gift to offer the world.
I will admit that I had a fabulous day at Boston University talking with Susan & potential applicants. I was bold & honest about my experience & what I was dealing with both at home in the States & at home in Japan. Let’s just say that the square peg in a round hole that I always had been in with the educational system just didn’t fit into the Japanese one. I went to Japan to change the education system, but more importantly I found out that I just learned how to really live my life.  The greatest gifts in life are when things fall apart & it really makes you to reexamine your own life to fix them.  I will admit that being at sea the last time really brought this out in me. I just had to really start working on myself. I do know that there is so much greatness & goodness in me that it just has to shine. I will admit that my favorite piece of my inner work is to read my The Daily Love newsletters ever day! There’s something in it that just sucks me in so deeply.  I understand what Mastin Kipp keeps on saying cos I have been there.
Well, I must admit that I am extremely knacker on a long day trip to Boston. The Downeaster has been quite enjoyable tonight. It’s allowing me to type my blog on my Mac Book Pro. I showed the nice girl next to me some of my photos too, since I had a conversation with her about being an adventurer.  I found a great quote in a Hay House World Summit Talk today, Bernie  Siegel, M.D. said “Think about it that you’re doing it for people & your life changes.” The small things you got to do for yourself to change your perspective.  Change your inside & your outside will change as well. Let’s just say the wisdom of the 60’s really speak to me. I have learned the hard way, but that was what I had to do. It won’t work if someone else will push it onto you. My own biological family does do that to me out of love. However, the earthbound child that I am who is highly creative is just taking the route of opening my heart up to love & seeing where it takes me. Got to embrace being unique in this world & wanting to make a change for the better. “All that we are saying is give peace a chance.” Your inner goddess holds the keys, get clear & let it speak from your radiant glowing heart.

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