Halloween Decorations on Summer Street, Kennebunk Maine
Well the curse has been broken. The Red Sox’s have won the World Series. Funny thing was that yesterday I felt a great sense of love being radiated from all of the Boston fans around the world; I knew that something great was going to happen. What the world needs is that heart center consciousness of love that radiates so beautifully from the heart chakra in this world. The world needs  L O V E!
It’s nice to see that people have noticed that I have made progress on the road that I’m traveling on lately. Honestly, I can say that I have officially hit “burn out” mode from working like crazy for months now on all levels. I will admit that some have taken away my energy & have sucked me dry. I’m just in a wee bit of hibernation mode rejuvenating my energy to come back, set my wings again & soar. I’m ready this time, but if you’re looking for a destination for this journey, I can’t give you that just yet. Just know that I’m doing the work to get me there.
I did notice this week that I have made some progress. I attended a meeting the other night & funny thing was that I felt a sense to share. I haven’t been able to do that for quite a bit of time. I somehow took that book that I picked up & turn to a page from it & was meant to read a particular reading about patience. I felt blessed that I had the courage to speak my mind about my journey of self patience, self love & acceptance of self. It felt great to share. I couldn’t do that at this time last year. I was in a very dark place. My aunt saw it in me & recommended me to do two things. 1) go to a soulful breathing class 2) to reach out to Melissa Boyd. I have been gratefully thankful that I have been able to do both. However, for me to get there was such a step. It was kind of like when I have a vibe to start yoga many years ago, that it took me a while to actually get to class. At that time I recall a friend of mine thinking that I was crazy that I couldn’t do it. But when you have that much stress & fear taken over you then it’s a struggle to do anything. Most people forget about it, since they have learned coping skills to numb the pain rather than just feel the emotion & to let it be. Well, to get back to what I was saying about the ideas my aunt suggested for me. I did find my way to Rich Breathing in Portland last year for this amazing yoga breathing class to move around the state/block energy in the body. It’s an amazing trip. I highly recommend it to anyone. It wasn’t until this spring that I made my way to see Melissa Boyd at Deep Blue Truth. I am blessed to have found Melissa & to have began working with her. She is just amazing. Let’s just say that I am a very unique being in this world that is put on this earth to do great things & I must get back to my calling. I’m learning the art of living with a higher frequency than my own born into family can fully understand. Melissa has some amazing products & resources out there. Let’s just say that if this speaks to you one bit than I would seriously give this some thought. Dive into the adventure, you will never know what you are meant to do & start releasing the things that are holding you back. 
I must be doing right since I get some amazing comments about my photography lately. A dear friend of mine in Japan told me today actually, “Your photos always make me emotional! (in a good way!) They have depth and much philosophy and poetry. I just love your works sooo much!!” Funny, this pretty much what was said to me during one of my readings from Melissa, I must be on the right path. I will admit that I haven’t picked up my camera that much lately.  It has been only to design the new Maritime Realty Christmas Cards, which I just love. I have been able to pick up iPhone to use the camera on it tho. I have posted some photos onto my Instagram feed. If you would like to follow me, my user name is chrisanuszewski, or just clicks on the icon on the right hand side of my blog to check out my work. Just throwing it out there. I was shocked on who liked my photo this week & was quite happy to see it. Some things just catch you by surprise.  Beauty is out there. Just got to peal the layers of it to blossom like a lotus.
I was reading a newsletter by Melissa Wadsworth this morning in it she talked about the art of letting go. Let go of the old victim stories, grudges, guilt’s & grief’s that you have for yourself & others. On top of it let go of all the old plans/dreams that have lost their glow, goals that you think you “should” have, ego-minded dictatorship, consumer habits (you really don’t need to go on a shopping spree for new items all the time) & socialized ideas of your true worth. I was blessed to see that I have done some of the many things on it. However in may case, I have so much that needs to go & has become an evil burning woman. I will admit that doing my own “burning man” to items has been wonderful. Things that no longer serve me have been going out left to right. I started this progress actually a little over a year ago when I got back from sea. I had a vibe to start releasing this stuff. Word to the wise it is healthy to purge. Oh I read a great quote this morning by Melissa Wadsworth, “ Layer by layer we move away from the old in order to inhabit the new—all the while becoming more of who we really are!” Please seriously take the time to purge what is no longer serving you.
From the art of letting go you can rewrite the NOW for yourself. You can concentrate on what is speaking only to you. You can let LOVE in to shine like a beautiful radiant star. Find the things that make you happy. Go on & capture them before it’s too late. Surround yourself with liked minded people who share your dreams. It’s all a progress in the art of letting go. It’s like a beautiful canvas that needs some love from the higher light to shape it into a beautiful piece of art. I have found that mastering the art of mediation to increase the love vibration & to be silent is the key. Let stillness speaks to you! Trust your intuition. Raise the LOVE vibration of yourself & for the planet! L O V E

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