Animals at KCT...

I had the pleasure of meeting Gaia at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust! The owl is from the Center of Wildlife! Nice to see an owl who was injured from a young age making a difference by educating others with the importance of helping animals that have been injured or orphaned gain a better life. Medical treatment, education outreach, research and conservation all are beautiful things that the wildlife has to offer us! Owls carry with them beautiful wisdom, the capacity to see beyond the veil of illusion, life transformation and trusting intuition. They are a beautiful and powerful spirit animal!

There was so much joy from seeing Henry, a rescue porcupine from the Center for Wildlife. There's so much playfulness from him, and he's rather a messy eater too, but that didn't stop me from loving watching him in the same way that I would watch a black lab. Playful energy is around reminding you to free yourself from guilt and shame and to honor your inner child! Open your heart to the joys of your childhood and connect with them , play, dance, imagine to reclaim your life! Know that there is protection around you and that you are not alone with guidance from above. Please don't get caught up in the rat race of the fears of the world. Don't let them rule your life. Break free of the fears and have faith in the unknown. Thanks Henry for the reminders today! Your very cute too! 

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