Morning Messages

Mystical morning looking at trees in the foggy mist. Breath in the beauty, strength, wisdom, courage, Ancient Wisdom and clean air. Heavenly awaits with new beginnings and curiosity of the world!

Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? To remind you of your abundant gifts, blessings to the Earth, importance of community, generosity, satisfaction in your life and to harvest the fruits of your effort by your work. Get ready for who you truly were meant to be. Let go of the expectation of others!

I found a Ganesha when I was putting up my framed photographs at Elementsbookscoffeebeer! Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha! The reminder of the removal of obstacles. It's all about the inner work to compose a photograph! Trust and free yourself from your fears! Grateful to have my work hanging up at a great local spot for others to see!

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