Soulful Seer Cards

I've created and designed my Soulful Seer Cards-Soulful Deck as a source of daily affirmations. All of the cards are my photographs with a message from the Universe, Source, Divine, Spirit etc on them.The cards have been a result of my own personal journey to deepen my understanding of issues in my own life. My journey of self discovery have involved the practice of meditation, yoga, crystal healing, Reiki and nutrition. Also, getting lost in Nature with my camera too. It is my hope that my lessons can inspire or help others on their own path. A Rose Quartz come with every deck. Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart, unconditional LOVE! The heart stone inspires one to fall in love with themselves first and then to find the beauty of love in others! I've been told that my cards bring " a sense of inner calm and help to pinpoint source of stress, indecision and anxiety" in individuals seeking answers in a loud and confuse world.

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