Live Your Life, Like a Candle In the Wind...

I didn't even think that I would have the change to see Elton John, but one day I just said to the Universe that would be nice to see Elton. I didn't think that the "how" would work itself out. My week started off pretty well with a work colleague being externally enthusiastic asking me, "How would you like to see Elton John on Friday!", I said give me a moment and I'll think about. Spirit was screaming at me to take the YES! Little did I know in a matter of minutes I found myself  saying Yes as a no brainer with the price of the ticket too. The price doesn't not matter here, let me repeat myself the price doesn't matter one bit. It was the feeling from inside that does! I just said yes and I kept it pretty much on the down low on what I was doing for a big night out in Portland. I found myself organizing meeting up with another work colleague and planning Friday night in a matter or moments. One of those spontaneous things that I said YES to with out hesitation. When would I have this opportunity again? Who knows...

All week, I've was having the lyrics: "`Cause Saturday night's the night I like
Saturday night's alright alright alright" to get me threw the week. The lyrics were screaming. Just as loud as the Prince or Bowie ones that I had when I did my 10 Silent Mediation Retreat. Oh yes, music is a great motivator and healer too, I find.

I realized that on my evening out with this work college of mine it was a great way to get to know her a little better. We got talking about the Earth, food waste, travel, exchange programs, wanting to help others, kids and teaching to name a few of them. We realized that we had a lot in common and the other colleague who I got the ticket was was saying that with enthusiasm to me Friday afternoon and to have a wonderful evening. I learnt that by giving those well wishes to others is a great power this week and there's power in play it forward too. There's no little acts here only great ones when you tap into that greater source my higher than yourself and allow that work threw you. Very powerful in deed. 

Before the show, we ended up eating the Green Elephant  on Congress Street, a great vegetarian restaurant that offers special diet accommodations and  is part of the Happy Cow network to help you to find vegan & vegetarian restaurants world wide. The line into the Civic Center as I still call it, it's now the Cross Insurance Arena:Portland was a mile long in the freezing cold. Luckily I could see the temperature from the Time and Temp building blasting 30 degrees and wondering why I didn't have warmer socks on of all things. Once we got our seats, they had great views of the stage from the right hand side, I was remembering the last time I was in the building was when I ended up getting front row seats for Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello and Amos Lee were his opening act, I took my dad for his birthday that year. Luckily, my work colleague brought her binoculars and got to see what Elton was wearing. I love his costumes. I love seeing a performer so in tune into his art with having the great power from within to shine. I have always admire that about Elton. The evening was magical. Loved hearing Elton talking about his passion about helping the world too. I loved hearing some classics like Private Dancer, Crocodile Rock, Candle in the Wind, Daniel to name a few of them. 

A wonderful evening.  The only thing missing was my heart chakra glasses. Live music is so inspiring in many ways. Tap into you and let that shine. Thanks for the reminder Elton! 

The Portland Press Herald Concert Review: Elton John Puts on A Spectacular Show

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