Let go of the beliefs that you need to be married by x year, I need to make x amount of money, I need to do this and that before I hit 40, I need to be pregnant and start a family by 30, etc etc etc...Often times were are so condition with our thinking that we need to have it all figure out on our journey with life. We are so caught up on with others have and not with what we really want. It's time to let go of the time restraints and let things happen when the time is right.


Wait until the time is right. It is self-defeating to postpone or procrastinate; it is also self-defeating to act too soon, before the time is right.

Sometimes, we panic and take action out of fear. Sometimes, we take untimely action for revenge or because we want to punish someone. We act of speak too soon as a way to control or force someone to action. Sometimes, we take action too soon to relieve feelings of discomfort or anxiety about how as situation will turn out.

An action taken too soon can be ineffective as one taken too late. It can backfire and case more problems than it solves. Usually, when we wait until the time is right-sometimes only a matter of minutes or hours-the discomfort dissolves, and we're empowered to accomplish what we need to do.

In recovery, we are learning to be effective.

Our answers will come. Our guidance will come. Pray. Trust. Wait. Let go. We are being led. We are being guided.

Today, I will let go of my need to control by waiting until the time is right. When the time is right, I will take action."
~Melody Beattie

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