Stop Being a Robot at Work...

"Work Role                              

How easy it is to dive into roles at work. How easy is it to place other people in roles. Sometimes, this is necessary, appropriate, and expedient.

But we can also let our self shine through our role.

There is joy in giving our gift of skill at work, at giving ourselves to the task at hand so throughly that we experience an intimate relationship with our work. There is joy when we create or accomplish a task and can say, "Well done!"

There is also joy when we are our self at work, and when we discover and appreciate those around us.

The most unpleasant, mundane task can be breezed through when we stop thinking of ourselves as a robot and allow ourselves to be a person.

Those around us will respond warmly when we treat them as individuals and not job-defined roles.

This does not mean we need to become inappropriately entangled with others. It means that , whether we are an employer or an employee, when people are allowed to be people who perform task instead of task performers, we are happier and more content people.

Today I will let myself shine through me task at work. I will try to see others and let them shine through too-instead of looking only at their task. God, help me be open to the beauty of myself and others at work. Help me maintain healthy relationships with people at work."
~Melody Beattie

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