Kids Need Our Help Too..

The world is changing and we can't keep on keeping things taboo for kids these days. There's so many issues that kids face from being bullying, teenage pregnancy to suicide. It's just sad. The resources within schools these days are lacking. Ever notice that the arts and counseling services are the first to get when schools are faced with budgeting cuts? The number games keep on taking an effect rather than follow and lead with the heart to increase kids learning.
I have worked with kids throughout the years and often wonder to myself are they really getting the resources and knowledge they deserve to know.

I stumbled across an excellent article in The Irish TimesWhy We Should Teach About Consent that talks about teaching kids how to approach consent. In this day of age with kids growing up too quickly from all the stuff that they see on the news, tv, media, social media and school it's an important one to address. As a society we must stop keeping subjects taboo and keep the subjects that we are not supposed to talk about in the black ages as if the plague was still in effect. These are important issues to address. Also, I came across a great blog, about Raising Children Technology that spoke to the effects of technology has on kids.

We can change the pain and suffering that kids are face with today. There are some wonderful programs out there, like the Vipassana Meditation Course that is center around kids Anapana Meditation for Children. Mindfulness needs to be taught at a much earlier age.  I recently read a great article by my friend Sharon Fitzmaurice that she wrote Someone Please Help Me, So I Did and in it she talks about the act of really taking care of yourself no matter what life throws your way. For many we wished that we learnt these things in childhood, but we didn't due to many reasons and circumstances beyond our control.

Today we are face with many choices on raising children. May we seek out the ones that are our in the child's best interest to act. Imagine what good we can do with telling children the truth and being honest with them in the changing world that we live in. May they be happy and free.

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