"Be an Angel

I often image that we keep the angels very busy. They tell us to turn here or there, warn us of danger, say Listen! and Look! They tell us things will be okay, and they're sorry we hurt. Angels in our lives encourage us to hope, dream, dare, and trust. They point out beautiful sights, They shine a light on our path, so we know where to step next.

Most of us are not as sure of ourselves as we'd like other to think. We need guidance, faith, and hope. We need to know we're on track and that someone cares. We need the angels to help us.

The angels in our lives give us a kind word, share a kind thought, offer a helping hand and a warm smile. Their words empower and comfort us. Their touch heals, their loving looks warm our hearts. They radiate love and faith.

"I've learn it's easy to be loving," one man said. "What takes work is to be kind."

Make it easier of the angels, and easier for others. Practice being loving and kind. Be an angel, too."

~Melody Beattie

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